About this Site

The purpose of this website is to advance our knowledge in this field by sharing instructions, advice, notes, thoughts, and more. It is also a channel to share what I am working on as well as a place to share what I have worked on in the past.

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Currently Senior Cyber Security Consultant in telecommunications and airline industries.


  • Information Security Officer and Lead Implementor of ISO 27001 in the social media advertising industry.

  • Consultant DNS/domain security intelligence company, providing technical writing and API documentation services.

  • Technical Evangelist for NXLog. NXLog is a multi-platform log management tool that helps to easily identify security risks, policy breaches or analyze operational problems in server logs, operation system logs and application logs.

  • Consultant for Vindler GmbH in security logging and implementation.

  • Consultant for a secure managed file transfer software company, learning all about secure file transfer protocols (SFTP, FTP, FTPS) as well as applying secure file transfer solution to possible projects.

Entering the information security field has been my goal since mid 2014 having completed a digital mobile forensics online challenge and finding myself completely engrossed. My first conference was Black Hat as part of a scholarship program in 2015 and my first related role in the field was in late 2016.

I am also autodidact having learnt primarily on my own. I remember at age 11/12 observing how Internet resources loaded on a page to try and gain more XP points at this online game. I learnt how to code by looking at a website’s source code in my teens using Notepad. I learn by doing ie homelab/VM setup (ie Kali on VM and Kali Nethunter on Android, various Linux OS’ on live USB etc).


I enjoy traveling and living outside of my home country of Australia. I am currently living and traveling in and around Europe. I am based in Berlin on a freelance permit. I have previously lived in Paris, Dublin, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Brisbane outside my home town.

Learning to live in multiple countries since 2012 has not only been a very interesting experience but through it, I have learned to be more self-sufficient, to have grit and tenacity to overcome challenges, to keep a cool head in stressful situations and to hone in my skills in planning for the future.

There is no greater feeling than freedom - walking down the streets of your new neighbourhood knowing “I did this, I made this happen”.

In 2019, I had enough and decided to stop at Germany rather then go through with my plans to live in the Netherlands and then Norway. Now that I am settling in Germany and that I am not longer plotting which country I would live in next, I am looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Content in this site does not represent any of my professional affiliations.