I am currently Technical Evangelist for NXLog. NXLog is a multi-platform log management tool that helps to easily identify security risks, policy breaches or analyze operational problems in server logs, operation system logs and application logs.

Previously, I was a consultant for a secure file transfer software, open source enthusiast and contributor and currently pursuing further specialization in information security.

Entering this field has been my goal since mid 2014 having completed a digital mobile forensics online challenge and finding myself completely engrossed. My first conference was Black Hat as part of a scholarship program in 2015 and my first related role in the field was in late 2016.

I am also autodidact having learnt primarily on my own. I remember at age 11/12 observing how Internet resources loaded on a page to try and gain more XP points at this online game. I learnt how to code by looking at a website’s source code in my teens using Notepad. I learn by doing ie homelab/VM setup (ie Kali on VM and Kali Nethunter on Android, various Linux OS’ on live USB etc).

On a personal note, I enjoy traveling and living outside of my home country of Australia. I am currently living and traveling in and around Europe. I am based in Berlin. I have previously lived in Paris, Dublin, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Brisbane.

Content in this site does not represent any of my professional affiliations.