I was at EuroBSDCon (my first!) though it was largely at the social event. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to go to the full conference next year September 2020 in Vienna, Austria!

Very interesting and awesome EuroBSDCon social event at Maihaugen!

EuroBSDCon group at Maihaugen

Colin Percival on Side Channel Attacks

Colin Percival

Eirik Øverby ‘FreeBSD and the absurdities of security compliance’

EuroBSDCon group at Maihaugen

He mentions kernel audit logging and file integrity monitoring with bsdmaudit, auditd. See https://medium.com/@hannahsuarez/response-on-data-manipulation-attacks-and-using-file-integrity-monitoring-to-help-mitigate-b92fb1d21a18 for FIM ideas

Various other photos are at:

Blog - Maihaugen

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