BSides Luxembourg

I was happy to find out that BSides Luxembourg and the MITRE ATT&CK Community User Group Meeting were all happening in the same day at the same location. I managed to go in between the two without negatively affecting too much of the day.

One thing however is the large Elastic presence, despite them not being a sponsor. There really needs to be far more diversity in terms of the tool being represented. There was Splunk mentioned by Xavier Metens as shown in the first photo (his site here), there was Peter Czanik of syslog-ng delivering a workshop and various SIEMs, but overall you do not see other log collectors and log management solutions being mentioned such as Graylog, NXLog, Rsyslog, Datadog etc.

Another of the biggest values that I had had has been learning more about the practical and real life use cases of the MITRE ATT&CK Framework from various companies.

BSides Luxembourg YouTube channel

MITRE ATT&CK EU Community User Group Workshop

This post will be updated once the videos are live