I went to a DC11331 meetup in Paris which was at a cool hackerspace called La Paillasse which explores all things open science, open innovation and more.

When I arrived, there was a spread of locks and picks. Someone there explained to me how the picks work and preceeded to show me a certain way of picking locks using two tools below. There is also a certain way of holding locks also which took a bit of time getting used to.


My first lock, I think I picked within a minute. I tried another one but I think the tension was too much even though I could feel the ‘pins’ start to give way.

Why lock picking?

It is a tool useful to social engineers but can also open to your eyes to so-called security of locks.

How to get into lockpicking?

There are lock picking tools available online and this one was definitely a complete set.

There are some videos available online. This is not a tutorial video but one of my favorites is Samy Kamkar’s Combo Breaker.

About the hackerspace, La Paillasse

The Pagliacci is an open research laboratory and citizen which are conducted boot actions and acceleration of scientific projects, entrepreneurial and artistic.

The space also does open nights, and there was actually an open night tonight at the same time! More details.

About the meetup, DC11331

DC11331 is a very friendly, open and interesting meetup of hackers, enthusiasts, and more. They do meetups on the last Thursday of each month (at the time of writing). So if you are thinking of going to Paris, you can also make sure sync your arrivals on this date! More details.